Unfortunately this weekend we had yet again another tragic example of the potency of America's gun culture. A 22 year old college student killed six people and injured many others on a rampage fueled by the romantic and sexual rejections he had experienced over the years. We can talk about misogyny here, but let's not forget the central issue: guns. Misogyny can't kill people without guns. Let's keep on talking about gender roles and such, but let's not take the onus of responsibility and blame off of the NRA (National Rifle Association) and the American politicians that it intimidates. The father of one of the victims spoke out yesterday with a refreshing clear take on the issue: "Why did Chris die? Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians and the N.R.A. They talk about gun rights. What about Chris's right to live? When will this insanity stop? When will enough people say, 'Stop this madness; we don't have to live like this? Too many have died. We should say to ourselves: not one more."

President Obama, Congress, and all Americans need to demand more. These are stupid, preventable deaths and they won't stop unless we find the courage to demand and make real political change.