President Obama's Affordable Care Act (alternatively known with both affection and derision as Obamacare) may actually be working! Check out this NYMag piece - many objections to the ACA are based less on philosophical or ideological objections and more on empirical claims which are increasingly being disproven (see below). It's got nothing on a NHS, but the ACA is proving to be a legitimate first step to providing quality healthcare for all Americans.

1. Up to 80-90% of new enrolles are paying their premiums.

2. A new study from Massachusetts found that the expansion of health insurance reduced mortality rate of beneficiaries by 3% over 4 years.

3. The uninsured rate is going down - a Gallup poll just found it at 13.4% - the lowest since Gallup began polling in 2008.

4. New customers have been a "healthy mix" - meaning premiums have not skyrocketed!

5. It's affordable - since the passage of Obamacare, the federal budget is projected to spend less than before the ACA passed.

Not bad, not bad at all!