There is a measles outbreak making headlines in the US: over 70 cases in seven states and Mexico. This despite the fact that an effective vaccine against measles was introduced over 50 years ago. How can this be? There are pockets of the country where groups of parents are in fact opting out of these required vaccines, claiming "personal beliefs." This happens in affluent, well-educated areas. Part of this is likely due to the disproven myth that the MMR vaccine (which combines the measles vaccine with ones for mumps and rubella) is linked the autism. What's happening is a dangerous weakening of "herd Immunity." Enough children are going unimmunized that community protection can no longer be ensured. Given the fact that there is no scientific evidence to support this vaccine skepticism, it's hard to stomach the idea that parents are endangering not only their children, but communities at large. In order to guarantee public health, everyone needs to get vaccinated. As Frank Bruni rights, "it's abundantly clear that we're best served by vaccinating all of those children who can be, so that the ones who can't be - for medical reasons such as a compromised immune system - are protected."